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Debt Consolidation | Consolidate Debt | Credit Counseling ~ Winnipeg


Debt Consolidation, Credit Counselling Winnipeg



Since 1992, Creditaid has been helping customers based in the Winnipeg region achieve their goal of managing their debt and becoming debtfree through our credit counselling and debt consolidation services.


What is Debt Consolidation and How Can It Benefit Me?

Debt consolidation involves taking several monthly debt payments from different creditors and consolidating, or combining, them into one monthly payment. Creditaid's debt consolidation staff will negotiate with your creditors to reduce interest and decrease your monthly payments. Your new lower consolidated debt payment would then be made to Creditaid. Creditaid would in turn make payments to your creditors.


The benefit of debt consolidation comes from from several factors.

  • Eliminates collection calls from creditors
  • One payment instead of many
  • Reduced monthly debt
  • Pay off debts quicker


Debt consolidation is not the solution for everyone. Our credit counselling staff can help you decide if consolidating your debt is the right solution for you.


Credit Counselling

Creditaid's initial credit counselling review is provided free of charge. Our credit counselling staff has been trained to review and assess your personal financial position. They will provide you with the professional counselling necessary to fully understand your options.


Our staff members can advise you on how to best manage and repay your debts. As a part of our credit counselling service, they will also provide you with tools to help you stay on track, and progress forward towards achieving your financial goals.


Most importantly, our credit counselling service will recommend customized solutions for eliminating your debt, which are specifically tailored to your own personal financial situation. The solutions offered by our credit counselling staff will include strategies for relieving your current financial crisis and avoiding a recurrence of these issues in the future.


For a FREE confidential consultation, complete the Consultation Sign Up Form or call us at 877-900-2659 to get help now!



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