Credit Counselling and Debt Consolidation

Our trained credit counselling staff will explain how our debt consolidation services can benefit your personal financial situation, by reducing your monthly payment amounts and decreasing the interest being paid on your debts.

Complete the Free Quick Assessment form and one of our trusted credit counselling staff members will contact you with the initial consultation. You may also complete the Full Assessment so that we have the information to provide you with more options immediately. There is no obligation, the initial credit counselling and debt consolidation consultation is FREE and completely CONFIDENTIAL!

Manage Your Debt Problems and Become Debt-Free

Since 1992, Creditaid has been helping customers achieve their goal of managing their debt problems, credit card debt and becoming debt-free through our credit counselling and debt consolidation services. When it comes to your finances and working through debt problems, you need someone that you can completely trust. Creditaid is a licensed and bonded credit counselling agency. We are passionate about providing debt management assistance to our customers so they can have more control over their finances and experience the freedom that comes with getting out of debt.

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