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You Take Control of Your Money with Budget Coaching

Is your spending spiraling out of control? Finding more money is going out than coming in? Don’t know where it’s being spent? Are you worried about not having enough to cover emergencies? Feeling frustrated with budgeting? If you're tired of having no clear picture or understanding of your monthly spending budget, now is the time to get help. At Creditaid, we have you covered with our budget coaching sessions.

Budget Coaching Sessions

Budgeting monthly income and expenses can be complex and challenging. Budgeting tips and tricks are usually self-taught, which leaves room for errors and unknowns. Have you ever asked yourself, “Where is all my money going?”

Meet with one of our trusted coaches virtually or in-person for a private, confidential, judgment-free review of your personal finances. We provide you with the support and tools to get your budget organized.

  • We'll take a deep dive into your monthly spending habits to identify areas for improvement
  • Teach you how to track your expenses down to the penny so that you can see how unintentional spending can impact your goals
  • Give advice on how to set and reach YOUR MONEY goals for future purchases
  • Create a customized budget tailored to YOUR lifestyle and priorities,
  • Strategies to help you build good spending habits to keep more money in your account.

Plus, our coaches will meet with you after a month to review your spending and provide further guidance and support to help you stay accountable.

Let's Connect to Get Started

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