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Pre-Authorized Debits - What You Need to Know

Are you considering setting up pre-authorized debits (PAD) for ongoing monthly payments such as your utility bill, phone bill, mortgage, or insurance premiums? Make sure you know your rights and responsibilities when signing up for a PAD with a company.

Visit Payments Canada to learn more about PAD agreements, canceling a PAD and requesting a stop payment.

Financial Tools and Advice for Women

  • Smart Cookies provide some great information on helping women take control of their finances, attract more money into their lives and turn their dreams into reality.
  • DailyWorth provides smart money tips and savvy career advice to women, delivering advice across all areas of finance, career, and entrepreneurship.

Canadian Budget Binder

The Canadian Budget Binder is a virtual binder filled with life topics surrounding personal finance, including life topics, budgeting tips, recipes on a budget, and much more.

Humour Based Financial Tools and Resources

Stephanie draws a comic called The Empowered Dollar to help explain her journey through personal finance and debt repayment and offer her tips for success.

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Information about Bankruptcy

Resource during a Divorce or Separation

What Are Your Responsibilities When You Co-Sign?

Credit Reports

Information on Payday Loans

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