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Are you considering setting up pre-authorized debits (PAD) for ongoing monthly payments such as your utility bill, phone bill, mortgage, or insurance premiums? Make sure you know your rights and responsibilities when signing up for a PAD with a company.

Visit Payments Canada to learn more about PAD agreements, canceling a PAD and requesting a stop payment.


Financial Tools and Advice for Women

Smart Cookies provide some great information on helping women take control of their finances, attract more money into their lives and turn their dreams into reality.

DailyWorth provides smart money tips and savvy career advice to women, delivering advice across all areas of finance, career, and entrepreneurship.


Canadian Budget Binder

The Canadian Budget Binder is a virtual binder filled with life topics surrounding personal finance, including life topics, budgeting tips, recipes on a budget, and much more.


Humour Based Financial Tools and Resources

Stephanie draws a comic called The Empowered Dollar to help explain her journey through personal finance and debt repayment and offer her tips for success.

Government Offices:


Information about Bankruptcy


Resource during a Divorce or Separation

Fairway Divorce Solutions Manitoba


What Are Your Responsibilities When You Co-Sign?

Co-Signer Responsibility


Credit Reports

How to Improve your credit score

Information on Payday Loans

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