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Creditaid partners with the following companies to ensure your journey to financial freedom is a success.

Fairway Divorce Solutions

Divorce is a painful process and the traditional adversarial system can make a painful process even worse. Fairway Divorce Solutions® is changing the way divorce happens by providing families with a safe and comforting environment where they can make well-informed decisions. People leave The Fairway Process™ with A Clear Road to a New Life®. Their job is to bring you and your spouse to resolution. The traditional process of divorce is daunting, expensive and stressful. Fairway works with you every step of the way to avoid uncertainty, unnecessary conflict, and expensive litigation. Working with both amicable and conflicted couples, Fairway has brought thousands of couples to resolution, helping them move on in a positive and productive way. Reduce cost, reduce stress, preserve assets and protect the kids — contact Fairway today by calling (204) 414-9181 or visit online at

Keystone Finance Solutions

If you are considering borrowing and have been struggling to find a solution, a suggestion might be to talk to the friendly people at Keystone Finance Solutions.Keystone Finance Solutions has been providing lending solutions since 1984. They offer secured personal loans and mortgages as well as leasing opportunities for self-employed small business owners. They take pride in providing quick and creative lending solutions to help people who cannot obtain financing from traditional lenders like banks and credit unions.All of Keystone's loans and mortgages come with the assurance that your payment performance will be reported to Equifax Canada and TransUnion, which gives you the opportunity to strengthen your credit. Keystone's friendly team of customer service representatives is dedicated to taking the time to get to know you, treating you with respect and partnering with you to determine your unique financial solution.Keystone can bridge the gap for you until you can deal with your bank/credit union again. Their wide variety of products guarantees a financial solution that will be just right for you.Contact Keystone Finance Solutions today to learn more.

Birchwood Credit Solutions

Birchwood Credit Solutions, a division of Birchwood Automotive Group that was created to ensure that everyone has equal opportunity to drive a safe and reliable vehicle. Working with an experienced team, they will help you begin your credit rebuilding journey through a vehicle and help you reach long-term financial security and an improved lifestyle. Visit Birchwood Credit Solutions to learn more.