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Creditaid has completely changed my life. Once I got over the fear and made that call I was immediately put at ease. They helped me deal with embarrassing debt I accumulated over years that I thought I could never overcome in any other way than declaring bankruptcy. I now have a monthly budget and payments - and best of all I no longer have that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I highly recommend Creditaid to anyone. You won’t feel judged, you feel like they are with you every step of the way and you will gain a sense of control over your life again.


It’s been nearly a couple of years since I completed the program and I’m happy to say I now have very good credit. I bought a car and a house and have rebuilt that part of my life. I recently closed my home trust Visa account for a more rewards centered card and am enjoying the perks and benefits of having good credit. I use my cards for day to day purchases and I pay everything off by the next payday. It’s both manageable and enjoyable.


It’s been nearly a couple of years since I completed the program and I’m happy to say I now have very goodcredit. I bought a car and a house and have rebuilt that part of my life. I recently closed my home trust Visa account for a more rewards centered card and am enjoying the perks and benefits of having goodcredit. I use my cards for day to day purchases and I pay everything off by the next payday. It’s both manageable and enjoyable.Thanks again for your help and guidance. I had honest doubts I would ever be in this place of privilege again.

Kind Regards, N.

You don't know how happy I am right now knowing it. Thank you so much for all your support to get us through all these shortcomings. You guys help a lot of people in need like us, you've been always so considerate.


I would first like to thank you for being so understanding and kind yesterday. I was very scared and apprehensive to make this move, as I explained I was terrified of being made to feel bad and judged, neither of which happened. After leaving your office I felt relief at having finally settled this and now can see the end!

A Happy Client

Thank you all so much, especially to Kathy, for the excellent, kind, and very professional way of dealing with clients. You gave me the best advice and the best possible service to help me pay out my debt; you guys are the best in the business. I salute and thank you all!!!

Jose G.

Thank you again for all your help with this! The financial burden has been very stressful and now we feel like we can see a finish line! It is an answer to our prayers!


Feels good to complete the Build Learn Save program! I will definitely send people I know who struggles to get their credit in check and who needs guidance on how to fix their credit. -


I was a bit nervous at first to use Creditaid, but sure glad I did. It was the best decision I ever made.Now I am credit card debt-free. The payments were very manageable. Your Customer Service Team were always very helpful and walked me through everything when I had questions. Much appreciated. -

An appreciative client!

In need of financial assistance, I decided to contact Creditaid. I found this company never rushed me; making me feel at ease every time I made a payment. In need of guidance, Creditaid is surely the place to go. They are a compassionate institution bending to your needs. A small company they are; but all heart when it comes to you. Dealing with Creditaid is a very wise move! - Submitted by aclient who recently completed Creditaid's program.

Thank you guys so much! You really helped me out when I was caught up in a jam. I will always be grateful! Cheers!!


Thank you again. Creditaid was the best thing that ever happened to me, it really changed my life and taught me how to budget my money while making sure bills were being paid. It was the best thing I ever did and I always recommend you to people I know.


I would personally recommend Creditaid to anyone requiring sound financial advice. Staff are friendly, very direct and work very professional to providecounsellingservices. I'm now debt free several years after following the payment plan andcounsellingwhich they offered. I had approached them when I needed to be on my own completely; when I could pay rent and other essentials in my life. Thank youCreditaidand staff for being there.


We want to thank Brian and Kathy, all the Creditaid staff for all the help and support they have given us over the last 5 years. When we first met with Creditaid we were so deflated thinking there was no help left for us. After our first meeting with Creditaid it was like a weight was immediately lifted and our lives had changed for the better going forward. Without Creditaid's help, I honestly do not know where we would have ended up and we cannot thank you all enough. You helped us get our lives back on track and we can now provide our family with things we never would have been able to 5 years ago. Whether it be having our daughter being able to finally join gymnastics to the smaller things like a movie. Brian, I’ve said this before but you are a one of a kind person that has never judged us and you are always so positive. No words can ever relay what that meant to us and how much that helped us. From all of us thank you.

S & S

Thank you for all your help. Your program is amazing. It helped a lot to rebuild myself financially.

Mary Ann

I have worked with Brian at Creditaid to help my clients clean up their debt. Brian is an extremely caring, trustworthy individual. He is detail-oriented, provides a tremendous amount of value, and is prompt in his responses. I feel that he really cares about the clients, and I will definitely refer clients to him in the future if they need help with debt. I encourage anyone who is struggling with debt to contact Brian immediately. Brian will make you feel comfortable, will tell you some harsh truths, and he will find a solution for you.

Nikki Hagidiakow

I would just like to say thank you for your help. It feels great to pay that debt off and I had such good service in doing so. I had good service right from the start and always made my payments and I had great help from Lorne in getting some of the creditors to not charge interest while I was paying this off! Thanks again and I will definitely recommend your services to anyone who needs the help when in debt.


Dealing with the people at Creditaid made me feel so comfortable and settling my debt made it seem so easy I don't know why I didn't do this years ago. I am glad I made a good decision on choosing Creditaid, the people there are great to work with.


Creditaid saved my marriage and helped me get back on track. You treated me with compassion, understanding and did not judge me when my debts had spiraled out of control.I immediately felt that you were there to help me.

Pleased Client

I came into Creditaid today and did my happy dance! I made my last payment, I am done! In 2006 I had over $30,000 of debt and life was very tough. I was so stressed because I was not keeping up with all my payments. I could not get a loan to pay everything off, everyone refused me. I came into Creditaid crying and my eye kept twitching. Lorne was the angel who came to my rescue. I learned so much and now I only buy what I really need and not just anything I want. I am soon going to Hawaii for a wedding and will have my trip paid for before I leave and not have to worry about it when I get back. Creditaid was the best thing that happened to me.


My relationship with Creditaid began about 6 years ago. I was awarded the family debt during a divorce, which included a huge credit card debt. I tried to manage this on my own but found that my debt was quickly getting larger each month due to interest and minimum payments. I wanted to pay my debts in full and not go bankrupt but was lost as to how to accomplish this. A creditor believes it or not gave me Creditaid's number and suggested I give them a call. I met with Lorne and found a great deal of good advice and a way to pay my debts in full. He arranged with my creditors a payment schedule, which included lower and in some cases no interest on my balances. I kept my payment right up to date and I am so pleased to (with Lorne and all the great staff at Creditaid's help) to have my debt paid in full and soon to have my credit status returned to it's former "A" class.Thanks Creditaid!!!!!

Royce Hanson

This letter is to state my gratitude to Creditaid for assisting me with getting my finances in order. Since coming out of an abusive relationship, things began to overwhelm me. I was ready to give up when a friend suggested I call the CreditAid office. I met with Brian Denysuik when I visited their office and was warmly greeted. He worked diligently to help me find a way out. He found the light at the end of the tunnel for me. Thank you so very much again Brian.


I have recently paid off all of my debt. I started out with about $17,000 in consumer debt and about $13,000 on my car. This kind of debt made me feel useless and life seemed impossible. I came to Creditaid looking for help and that's what I got. Lorne figured out a budget for me and it worked. I learned so much from that budget, although I strayed from the budget from time to time, Norma helped me through it. I want to thank everyone at Creditaid so much, especially to Norma who listened to me weep on the phone and help me figure out how to make that month. Thank you to Lorne for teaching me so much about how to spend money responsibly. Thank you to everyone there! Life is not easy when you're in debt but it sure helps when you have so many wonderful people on your side.


Hi, My name is Bert. I went crashing into a financial brick wall trying to keep my trucks running and afloat. You would not believe the phone calls and attitude of the people on the other end. The stress was amazing, "but you would never know it unless a doctor told you". Lorne and the people from Creditaid stopped the phone calls and the looking over your shoulder. Even when a commercial came on TV you thought they were talking to you. "I tried to do it all on my own, not telling my wife, keeping it from her so it would not upset her", "wrong thing to do". Thanks Creditaid for getting me on track.

Bert Rous

When I reached adulthood as dinosaurs continued to walk the earth I could never have imagined that I would someday be a senior citizen with a debt problem. But here I am at 65 years of age, trying to rid myself of credit card balances and a bank line of credit totaling more than $40,000. "Where will it end?" you wonder at times. But you don't dwell on the problem. I think it's called denial and it makes basic functions like sleep possible. You do silly things like buying more lottery tickets and plug coins into VLTs. You believe the old slogan "You can't win it if you're not in it". But there has to be a day of reckoning for most of us. Finding the right path then becomes the issue. Over the radio, you hear the slick pitches with their toll-free numbers. You call one or two of them and you know there's something 'too good to be true' about what they're selling. I'm very glad to have found Winnipeggers at Creditaid who have been able to help me come up with a plan that works. It's nice to know that you are not alone.

Grateful Client

I cannot thank you enough and Creditaid for all the hard work and time you have put into our credit issues. I know you get paid, but I felt as though you were more interested in helping us out than making money. You are helping make our dreams come true and re-establish our credit rating. There is no way we could've done this without your help. Again, thank you so much and we will NEVER forget what you did for me and my family.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your great staff for the wonderful service you provide.It all started with the commercial I heard on the radio, and from then on I have been thankful every day I took the step to come in and see you. Given the nature of your business, it takes a long time for someone to actually take the step to seek help and actually realize they have a problem. I knew I had a lot of bills and that I was beyond the point of servicing the debt that I had. But to actually take the step to see someone and put yourself through it, is a huge task and takes a lot of thought and courage to do. I was very nervous and embarrassed at the same time when I was coming for my first visit to see you. I didn't know what to expect or how I would be treated. After the first few minutes, you made me feel very comfortable and at ease with my situation. One of the first things I noticed was the large glass jars on your desk with thousands of pieces of plastic remnants of credit cards in them. I thought to myself, this is great! After my first meeting with you, you changed my life. You made me realize that I should never own a credit card again, live on a budget, and instead of going to Tim Hortons for a coffee every day I can make my own at home for pennies per serving instead of $1.50 a day. You taught me how to live within my means, and today, months later, I have no desire to obtain a credit of any kind ever again; I am actually very fearful of credit now. I will pay cash for everything I own from this day forward and will never get myself into my past situation ever again. It's too bad that I had to file for personal bankruptcy in the end, but it was because of the magnitude of my situation and my financial projections didn't pan out. Your service was crucial to my well being and the continuation of my future starting over, and I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me. I will recommend your service to anyone I come across in life's path who I know is having any sort of financial crisis.All the best to you Brian and I know all your clients in the future will be happy ones!

A Very Happy Client!

I am writing this note as a means of expressing gratitude and thanks for the empathy and attentive understanding extended to me as I reached out for advice and advocacy. To be clear, I accept responsibility for my cumulative debt load... And thought I had a viable plan for reversal.When several anecdotal circumstances resulted in a "too late" sale of my home (this was a planned step) I found myself amid "an asset rich, cash flow poor" vortex." The solution was more convoluted than just selling the house, mortgaging the cottage and paying off anxious creditors. Most of my debts at this point were in collections or legal departments. For a while, it appeared the only solution rested in the sale of my cottage... Something for several reasons I was loath to do. Dealing with my resultant poor credit rating and inherent difficulties in securing a cottage mortgage on crown land revealed itself to be a huge challenge for the Creditaid Team... But immediately they cheerfully and steadfastly embarked upon seeking an alternative with tenacity and determination! As a result, I now have secured a mortgage, have all my creditors paid in full, (over $133,000) retain a primary residence and preserve a sanctuary for our family... Not to mention the ease of my anxiety and blood pressure!So my heartfelt thanks to Lorne and Brian, Kathy and the rest of your sensitive and compassionate Creditaid team... Thank you for supporting my expectation that there was another solution to the mess of my own making than simply selling the cottage...! Never let it be said I shirk seeking out intellectual stimulation (I love puzzles!) or look for the simple solution! I knew there had to be away... Thanks for forging a path! There really are no words to describe the resultant peace of mind the team at Creditaid has enabled me to achieve!

Respectfully, G.

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