How to politely say “No Thank You”

Are you finding yourself on the right track of saving money?  Do you find that it is sometimes derailed by the good intentions of family and friends with their invitations for dining out, at home selling parties and fundraising events?

Here is an article that we found online that provides 7 Ways to Politely Say No.
1.      That won’t work for me but I could do this instead.
2.      I’m on a strict budget right now.
3.      Sorry, I can’t make it to that event.
4.      It’s tough finding people to pay for these things, isn’t it?
5.      I already ate but I could come just to hang out with you.
6.      Why do you want me to spend on this item?
7.      I would prefer not to.

Click here to read the article in its entirety7 Ways to Say No by Kathryn Vercillo.

Household Debt By Region Assessed

TD Economics released their report on household debt vulnerability by region today.

“The focus nationally on household debt has raised questions about which regions face the most significant challenge,” according to Craig Alexander, TD’s Chief Economist
and co-author of the report. “This new index does not predict events, but it does shed light on those provinces that are most susceptible to downside risks.”

Its good news for Manitoban’s who are the least vulnerable. Households in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan households were found to be at greater risk with Atlantic Canada and Quebec in the middle.