Pandemic Anxiety – What Should you Do?

Pandemic Financial Outcome

Canadians have many financial worries thanks to the pandemic, of which the largest issue right now is interest rates.

During the heart of the pandemic, we saw the lowest interest rates available in decades. This made it easy for millions to get in over their head in debt. Whether it’s consumer debt (credit cards) or mortgage debt, millions are wondering how they’ll make ends meet.

What caused this?

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The Top 5 Answers about Collection Agencies

Credit Counselling

You have a debt with a collection agency, but you wonder if/when they are crossing the line. What rights do they have and more importantly, what rights do you have for managing the collection?

We answer your most pressing collection agency questions below.

  1. When can a collection agency call you?

There are laws regarding how often and what time collection agencies can call you. In most provinces, they can call between the hours of 7 AM to 9 PM, but it may vary slightly by province one hour each way.

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