Credit Card Offers Are Sexy

Back-to-school for many post secondary students means the onslaught of credit card offers that entice with low interest rates and perks – Free Trip Anyone?

Before you apply for that new credit card, ensure you educate yourself on how to handle credit and manage debt. Student debt is such an important thing to understand. It is the begining of establishing a solid financial start as an education is pursued.

Receivables Management Association of Canada – New Member

As a reflection of our continued commitment to our clients and the industry, Creditaid has recently become a member of the Receivables Management Association of Canada (RMA).
Receivables Management Association of Canada (RMA) vision is to become the first National association of its kind; extending into every province and territory to set the professional standards of our industry.
RMA Canada works with its members to promote the activities of all those connected to the industry by bringing their concerns to the attention of the authoritative bodies that control day-to-day activities.