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Let’s Connect with Keith Macpherson

Creditaid’s Brian Denysuik share his financial wellness tips with Keith Macpherson, renowned motivational speaker and author of Making Sense of Mindfulness.

Listen to discover, connect and be inspired by Keith’s positive energy and open mind around finances.

Are You Cutting Back on Spending?

Listen to Brian Denysuik, President of Creditaid, discuss Manulife Bank’s survey that shows Canadians cut back spending on extras as interest rates rise CJOB’s Hal Anderson.


Provincial Budget versus Household Budget

The Province of Manitoba just released Budget 2018. Listen to 680 CJOB, Winnipeg’s news talk radio, Hal Anderson and Creditaid’s, Brian Denysuik, discuss how the provincial budget can be managed like a family household budget.

New Couples and Money

As published in the January/February 2017 issue of Balance, a Manitoba Teachers’ Society publication.

Balance Jan Feb 2017 - New Couples and Money

You’ve just moved in with your current love or maybe you’ve just got engaged. This is a happy, exciting time in your life. The two of you may have discussed where to go on a honeymoon, whether or not to have children, how many or where your dream house will be. But have you had a conversation with each other with regard to your finances? Everything listed above costs money and both of you need to be honest with each other regarding your finances in order to have those things.

As you begin a new, permanent relationship, it is time to set your financial goals as a couple and to be honest about your money values.


Budgeting Tips for Holiday Shopping

This week’s first snowfall is a good reminder that most of us have to start planning for the holiday season! Our November temperatures had been positively balmy up to this point, but now there’s no denying it, only a few paycheques remain until the holidays are upon us.


What Are You Doing With the Money You Are Saving on Gas?

According to National Resources Canada, the average vehicle in Manitoba travels 14,963 km per year, and for every 100 of those kilometers it travels, it consumes 11.2 litres of gasoline.

hand-pumping-gas-into-carToday’s gas price (about 88 cents per litre as of this writing) is far lower than the 2014 high in Winnipeg – $1.33 per litre in June of 2014. At this rate, the average driver is saving about $755 this year, if gas prices stay about the same.

What are you going to do with the money you save?

You could go on a short vacation, or buy a nice toy. Or sock it away for a rainy day. Most people, however, will just absorb the money in to their daily expenditures, and not really notice that it’s there. An extra cup of coffee every day.

At Creditaid, we’ve got a different idea. Knowing how many people struggle with credit card debt, we’d suggest using your windfall from lower gas prices to help reduce the credit card, loan, or line of credit with the least favourable interest terms. You’ll then be putting the money you’re saving on fuel to its best possible use – bettering your financial position now and in the future.

Creditaid is a proudly local solution to debt problems. If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by debts, make an appointment to speak confidentially to one of our expert credit counselors.

We’ve helped many of our Winnipeg neighbours with customized solutions to eliminate their debt, including debt consolidation and debt management programs. We will help you with your current financial crisis, and give you the tools you need to ensure that you don’t have a recurrence in the future.

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