Creditaid Offers the Broadest Range of Services When it Comes to Helping People with Debt

We like to say that we understand debt from every angle possible. Our credit counsellors have years of experience in the financial services industry. Once we have completed a detailed review of your personal financial situation/ we can then guide you on the best solution to help you get in control of your finances and back on track. Our solutions may include simply helping you manage your budget, reviewing your mortgage situation, a debt repayment program or if it makes sense, selling your home to pay off all your creditors. The key to our services is that we will give you options, not just two but as many as possible so that you have choices on how to best move your life forward.


We not only have experienced credit counsellors we also have two registered insolvency counselors with Industry Canada under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act on staff. This accreditation can only be achieved by individuals who have the necessary industry experience, education and performed 100 hours of insolvency counseling sessions under the direction of a bankruptcy trustee. This means that our counsellors are qualified to facilitate the two mandatory counseling sessions required for anyone filing a bankruptcy or formal consumer proposal in Canada. And as such, we work closely with Winnipeg’s bankruptcy trustees. In addition to offering consumer debt counselling and budgeting solutions, we understand the bankruptcy process and can offer Creditaid’s clients invaluable advice when trying to decide upon the best course of action for dealing with their debt problem