Start A Summer Savings Account for Next Year’s Summer Vacation

Summer vacations can be the highlight of the year for many families and are a great way to spend quality time together. However, these trips can cost well over a thousand dollars and can be a strain on a family budget when no money has been put aside. The best way to avoid using credit cards unnecessarily or getting behind in everyday bills due to a summer vacation is to plan ahead. By starting a savings account now for next year’s summer vacation, families will be able enjoy their time together without worrying about financial repercussions.

Make Saving A Priority
It is all too easy for money that was meant to be set aside for a vacation to be spent on other things when it is put into a bank account that is also used for other expenses. Instead, start a separate account that is specifically for the family vacation. First decide on how much the family can afford or wants to spend on the next vacation and divide that number by the months remaining before the next vacation. This will give you the amount that needs to put aside each month to reach the goal. This should be treated just like any other expense or bill and be put away before any other extras are bought each month.

Finding Extra Money
If a family’s budget is already stretched tight, it may seem hard to find that extra $100 or more to put away. If this is the case, then one of two things must happen: spend less or make more money. You may find the monthly vacation amount right in your current budget by reducing grocery costs, cutting down luxury expenses or even taking the bus instead of driving. Another way to finance your vacation savings is to find ways to earn that extra amount by getting a second job or selling unneeded items via garage sales or on eBay.

By planning ahead, families can have a great summer vacation without it causing a huge strain on their bank account. The result is less stress and a more enjoyable vacation for everybody.