Top 5 Ways to Save On A Wedding

Weddings can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean you need to break the bank to have a beautiful and meaningful event. There are several ways to save money without losing the beauty and charm that you expect for this special occasion.

Here are the top five ways to keep your costs in line with your budget.

1. Limit your guest list. Determine the amount of guests you can afford to feed at the reception and set your guest list accordingly. Take into consideration, how many people you can actually greet personally in the time you will have available. If you won’t have time to say hello to each one, maybe your list is too long.
2. Keep it light. Since the catering bill can be the largest cost for many weddings, this is the ideal place to look for options. Many wedding couples are opting for a dessert reception or finger foods after an evening wedding.
3. Shop locations. There are many locations that offer package discounts that combine honeymoon accommodations with their reception hall rental. Take the time to find the place that fits your budget and your seating needs as well.
4. Uncover the talent. Rather than paying large amounts of money for unknown professionals, seek out the talents of friends and family for areas like music, photography and catering.
5. Custom invitations. Instead of buying expensive printed invitations, many couples are saving money and also creating very customized invitations by putting their computer skills to work.

Set a budget and then work to fit your dreams into it. When you look back, you’ll be glad you did.

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