Digging Your Way Out of Job Loss Debt

Losing a job is one of those unexpected circumstances that can put our finances out of balance. Even when you have some notice that a job is coming to an end, you still have to deal with the uncertainly of how long you will be without work. When these two unknown factors are combined, they can make financial management very difficult.

We all want to approach difficult circumstances with a positive and hopeful attitude. The same is true when we have a job loss. Unfortunately, that hopeful perspective can sometimes mean that we finance many items with the use of credit cards, with the assumption that we will soon be working again, and able to pay off the credit card charges. If our time without work stretches out longer than we expected, we can easily find our debt growing out of control.

Interest on unpaid balances on credit cards accumulate very quickly. If payments are missed, those interest rates can increase and have penalties added to them besides. Before you know it, what seemed like a manageable amount of debt has turned into an intimidating mountain.

The good news is that the mountain doesn’t need to keep growing. There is a way out. Even if you are still without a job, we can help you bring your debt back under control. Contact us for your free initial consultation with one of credit counselors. We are here to help.

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