Couponing – You Don’t Need To Be Extreme to Save Money

There are many books, TV shows and online websites dedicated to showing how extreme coupon use can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars. As impressive as these savings may be, they do require an amount of time and dedication that many families cannot or are not willing to give. However, there are ways to make the most of coupon savings without making it a full-time project.

Smart Shopping
There is more to saving substantial money on groceries using coupons than just clipping out the ones that are for products that a family currently needs. The true trick to saving large amounts of money throughout the year is to change the way that a family shops, incorporating coupons into the strategy. By buying items when they are priced the lowest and adding coupons to make the price even lower instead of only buying those same items when they run out, can be a huge money saver.

Prices on all items go up and down, based on many uncontrollable factors, including seasonal changes and corporate buying patterns. Extreme coupon users know this and save their coupons to combine with low prices. By doing this on all items whenever possible, a family may get a years worth of cereal or shampoo at a fraction of the cost of buying it only as they need it.

Look at the Big Picture
To make this possible, instead of only buying what is needed for the next week or two, the bigger picture needs to be looked at. Grocery lists need to be built around savings, stock piling on good coupon deals and doing less impulse buying on wants versus needs. Although it can take a while to get a surplus of items on hand, once this becomes a habit, it can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year.

The main idea is to use coupons to save money over the long run, not just on what a family needs today. Combining coupons with sales prices to stock up on everyday items is a way every family can save using coupons, even if they are not “extreme”.

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