Financial Literacy is an Investment in your Future

Financial literacy is the key to successfully reaching your personal finance goals. It doesn’t matter how much you make; it comes down to how you manage it. This is why financial literacy is one of the most important topics you should learn.

Unfortunately, most Canadians aren’t well-versed in financial literacy, most importantly, building a solid credit foundation and managing debt.

Financial literacy not only helps you now but, in the future, too. For example, when you learn how to save to spend, you’ll reach a level of financial security that most think is unachievable.

How can you learn? Try our Build Learn Save Program.

What is Build Learn Save?

The Build Learn Save program is an 18-month program. Throughout that time, you’ll learn how to build credit, budget, and save.

We focus on the save-to-spend method that helps you learn how to save money now, so you have it to spend in the future.

What better way to achieve financial freedom than always having the necessary funds for unexpected expenses?

How Does it Work?

In the 18-month program, you’ll learn which steps to take to build or repair your credit. This won’t happen overnight, which is why many people get discouraged without support. In our program, we support you throughout the time to ensure you understand the steps and don’t lose hope.

Our credit counselors can help you learn the proper steps to take that will impact your credit score the most. Plus, we’ll teach you how to keep it going. Of course, one mistake can undo all your improvements, but we help you understand how to prevent that.

Next, we’ll focus on how to budget. Without a budget, you can’t meet your financial goals because you don’t know where you spend your money.

We’ll help you create a budget that works for your income and expenses. Speaking of expenses, we’ll help you learn where you should cut back so you can save to spend in the future.

Finally, and most importantly, we’ll teach you how to save. Having money set aside for emergencies, unexpected expenses, and financial goals is the best way to achieve financial security.

Who Benefits?

Anyone can benefit from our Build Learn Save program. If you don’t have an emergency fund, live paycheck-to-paycheck, or don’t understand how to budget, this program is for you. We’re here for you even if you have a budget but think it could use some help.

Final Thoughts

At Creditaid, we are here to help. Our 18-month Build Learn Save program is just one of the programs we offer to help consumers reach financial security.

It’s not as hard as you think to get on your feet financially. So call us today for your free consultation. We’ll help you understand what you need, how to fix your finances, and most importantly, how to save as much as possible for your future.