Budget-Friendly Activities for Spring Break

At this time of year, you will start seeing all sorts of advertisements for exciting Spring Break trip activities like tropical vacations or camps. With the holiday season just ending and tax season just around the corner, this can be an expensive time without adding extravagant adventure costs to the mix.

If you manage the finances in the home and are trying to stay on track with your budget, it can add a lot of stress at the thought of disappointing your family when it comes to spring break plans. Cutting back on spending shouldn’t have to mean cutting back on the fun so here are some lower to no-cost activities for the whole family.

  1. Visit Local Parks
    We are lucky to be surrounded by nature here in Canada and it is something we take for granted. If the weather allows, why not take the whole family (including the four-legged members) to explore the great outdoors? Many sites showcase cool and interesting points of interest and what types of activities and attendees are allowed.
  2. Build an Obstacle Course
    Your home may look like a jungle some days, so why not turn it into one? An obstacle course is a great way to help your kids burn off energy when the are stuck inside. Use couch cushions, jump ropes, hula hoops and other available toys to build an at-home obstacle course! You could even turn it into a competition with a prize like choosing the next adventure.
  3. Have a Scavenger Hunt
    This was a popular activity back in the day during snowstorms and continues to be a source of entertainment and creativity. Now there are plenty of premade lists online or your can engage your family to make your own.
  4. Camp It Out
    A lot of kids love camping and for parents, camping indoors can even be fun and comfortable. Use your furniture with blankets to create your tent. Or if you are lucky enough to have nice weather, move it outdoors and have some smores.
  5. Make Cookies or Desserts
    Everyone loves cookies but not everyone knows how to make them. This is a great time to teach your kids the basics of the kitchen. Once completed, they get not only the reward of a new skill learned but a tasty treat!
  6. Do Nothing
    What a novel idea, doing nothing. In a world where everyone is over-scheduled – even the kids – a day or two of totally unscheduled time where you can sleep in, stay in your pjs, play silly games or just relax may be just what you and your family need.

To make a long story short the memories are what matter. It is so tempting to plan an extravagant trip to make everyone happy, however, the long-term result may not be what you were expecting. The stress of managing the funds to achieve that trip will ultimately impact those around you. Though it may not seem like it at the moment, in the long run, it’s the little things we remember about these times.

Now is the time to stay strong and stick to the plan of managing your budget. If this is something you would like some help with, our team of compassionate and understanding Creditaid staff can offer great advice. Book a free consultation today.