Stretching Your Gas Dollars

As the average gas price across the provinces hovers around $1.20/ litre, the importance of making the most of your trips to the gas station is greater than it’s been since the crunch of ’08. So it’s a good time to take a look at some ways to ease the pain at the pumps.

1. Combine Trips – Try to coordinate errands and appointments in order to reduce the number and/or distance of your trips.

2. Adjust Your Work Schedule – Consult with your employer about the possibility of working four 10-hour days to save a day’s commute, or working a flexible schedule to avoid traffic delays.

3. Lighten the Load – Every little bit helps – or hurts – your fuel economy. Inspect your trunk or cargo area for any unnecessary weight, and leave it at home.

4. Check Tire Pressure – Under-inflated tires can add undue friction to your car’s ride, thus reducing fuel economy. Make sure they’re at the prescribed air pressure when gassing up.

5. Carpool – If changing your work schedule isn’t an option, see if you can share the commute with co-workers instead. It not only saves on fuel costs, but overall car maintenance.

It may even be a good time to keep that New Year’s resolution – to lose some of that winter bulk (and put some back into your wallet) – by leaving the car at home and dusting off that bicycle in the garage.