Ways to Downsize During Retirement

Downsizing during retirement, for many of us, isn’t so much of option as a necessity. Reasons for downsizing are not always financial, either; mobility and convenience also factor into the decision. Living within your means doesn’t have to be a struggle. In fact, being frugal with your money, time and energy will enhance your life during retirement. By working smart, there are a lot of cross over benefits from downsizing, too, so it is important to consider how every decision impacts on the rest of your lifestyle.

Home and Community

The size of home you live in and where it is located can determine how well you are set up financially for your retirement. Retirees can save around 25% on their
mortgage with a smaller property in a more affordable area, and greatly reduce tax and insurance payments, too. A smaller property also means less upkeep; saving precious time and energy for doing the things that you actually enjoy.


Although most retirees opt to keep their car, at the very least, do consider downsizing to a more cost efficient model. An area with reliable public transport or convenient facilities within walking distance is another option to reduce travel costs, for retirees who do decide to get rid of their car altogether.

Garage Sale

A garage or lawn sale will take care of a lot of unwanted possessions; including items such as paintings, small to medium furnishings and electronics. If you are selling a car, this is also a great way to draw attention from perspective buyers.


Donating to local charities or free recycling services is the quickest and most efficient way to de-clutter. Charities will take clothes, furniture and some electronics. A recycle service will take damaged furniture, clothes, electronics and other materials. Check with your local charities first, so that they can benefit from any items you can give them.

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