Peace of Mind at Retirement

For those who are approaching retirement in the next few decades, the recent recession has changed many goals when it comes to retirement saving. While building a substantial savings for retirement through high earning investments was once the goal of many of baby boomers, a new value has been placed on the peace of mind that comes from stable, safe ways to ensure income for their retirement years.

Security Builds Peace Of Mind
The recession hit many hard, shrinking the size of their accumulated wealth and taking away the financial security that they thought was already theirs. This shock to the economy has made retirement investors more focused on keeping what they have, versus building a monumental retirement savings through higher risk investments. The change has lead to more baby boomers considering fixed rate annuities and other guaranteed investments that will protect their assets and slowly grow their retirement savings.

The quick reduction in investment values in the past decade has changed the entire mindset of those both young and old.For those approaching retirement age, there is no longer the illusion that money lost in high-risk investments can be quickly recouped. Protecting savings to ensure a steady and reliable income for retirement is more important to many than trying to grow nest eggs quickly for a more comfortable lifestyle. Younger generations have seen the backlash that has happened to their parents and grandparents, and many will proceed more cautiously when planning their own investments.

Although the lesson was financially painful for many, it was a valuable lesson to be learned for all investors. High-risk investments can be lucrative and have their place within an investment portfolio; however, the peace of mind that comes from having stability and security for retirement can be even more valuable.

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