Summer Heat Wave – Tips to Lower Cooling Bills and Save Money

Hot weather can bring big utility bills throughout the summer as we try to stay cool, wreaking havoc on a family’s budget. However there are ways to keep cooling bills lower, while still maintaining a comfortable living environment. By using a few energy savings tips, there can be a substantial savings on your summer utility bills.

Ways To Save On Cooling
The first step is making sure everything is being done to reduce cooling costs. Maintaining and managing the cooling system is one good way to lower cooling bills. Air conditioners need regular maintenance to run efficiently. Having the unit serviced with a tune-up before the hot weather hits can reduce energy costs. In addition, using a programmable thermostat is a good way to save on daily energy use. Set it to allow the heat to rise slightly, no more than ten degrees, while the family is away each day and set it to begin cooling down again when everyone is due home.

Another way to save on cooling is to use Mother Nature. Investing in whole house fans that can draw in cool air at night through open windows can be a big money saver in humid climates. Another way to keep the home cool is to consider planting trees that offer shade on west facing areas of the house that get the most hot afternoon sun.

Protecting The Cool Air
On top of saving on cooling the home, there are large benefits to protecting the cool air from escaping. Windows and doors can both allow cool air out and let hot air in. Weather stripping around doors and windows is one way to keep in the cool air. Another energy saver is closing drapes and blinds to keep the hot sun from warming air inside the home.

By making just a few small changes in daily cooling routines, there can be a large difference in the energy consumed and the amount of cooling bills through the hot months.

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