Can you relate to this divorce debt story?

John’s motto was always “work hard and play hard”.  John had worked hard his entire career which often was his justification for the money he spent drinking, dining out, clothes and on his home.   He was living the high life and he felt it was all justified.

If he had taken the time to figure out how much he was spending in relation to his income, he would’ve realized he was spending more than he was making.  His bank account was often overdrawn and he was using one credit card to pay off the other.

His heavy drinking was only contributing more to his debt problems.  Finally, it became so excessive that it drove his wife away.  The divorce was the final straw.  The drawn out divorce process and court proceedings resulted in his assets being frozen.  He could not borrow money or sell any of his assets to make his payments. He was in a standstill.

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Some debt problems are years in the making.  When the pieces finally fall, things can quickly spiral out of control.  If your debt story is like John’s, stop the speed debting and seek professional help from the counsellors at Creditaid.