Build Learn Save Program


Not everyone knows everything.  Some people are good with hands-on skills, so they enter the skilled trades.  Others may have great people skills and might make a career as a teacher or salesperson.  When it comes to finances, however, everyone, regardless of their strengths or their background, is faced with similar money challenges.

At Creditaid, we’ve developed a program to help you improve your financial situation with our “Build Learn Save” program.  This program will BUILD or improve your credit score. You will LEARN valuable budgeting skills that will help you SAVE money to spend on something important like your first home, a new car, or college education.  It’s an ideal program for individuals who want to take charge of their financial future regardless of their current income and credit situation.

Having good credit not only ensures that you can borrow money for important purchases but it affects how much you pay lenders for borrowing.  A carefully maintained credit rating gives you access to better quality (lower interest) borrowing arrangements and can save you thousands of dollars (or even tens or hundreds of thousands) over the life of a loan or mortgage.

Sign up for Build Learn Save at Creditaid today.  Put our expertise to work for you, and start building a credit score that will benefit you for the decades to come.


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