Simplify the Holidays by Narrowing your Christmas List

Does your Christmas usually look like frantic shopping sprees, high credit card bills, and wondering how you’ll get it all done?

That’s not what the holidays should be about, and it’s time to consider simplifying things so you can enjoy the season with your loved ones.

One of the easiest ways to simplify the holidays is to narrow your Christmas list. This doesn’t mean you can’t give gifts, but give fewer gifts that mean more, and don’t worry about being ‘better’ than anyone else.

Here’s how.

1.    Limit who you Buy Gifts For

You aren’t obligated to buy Christmas gifts for every person you know. Limit it to immediate family and anyone with a large impact on your life.

You can limit gift giving to just your kids or expand it to include your immediate relatives if you keep it small.

You don’t have to give gifts to teachers, mail carriers, hair stylists, friends, and co-workers. Instead, if you want to remember them during the holidays, consider baking or making something small, but nothing that costs much money.

2.    Lower your Budget

Keep your budget small for anyone who made your gift-giving list. This isn’t a time to show off and give the best gift. Instead, find something small and meaningful versus material. It will mean more and will save you more money.

3.    Consider a Gift Exchange

Consider a gift exchange if you have a large family and it doesn’t feel right not to exchange gifts. With this method, each person picks a ‘secret person’ from a hat and buys only for that person. This way everyone has something to open on Christmas, but no one has to go into credit card debt to celebrate the holidays.

4.    Shop Early and Look for Sales

Don’t wait until the holiday season to shop. Instead, start early and shop the sales. You may even find coupons you can combine with the sales to save even more money. Keep a list of the items you buy, so you don’t overbuy throughout the season.

By checking items off your list now, you take the stress of excessive spending off your back during the holidays and may limit your credit card debt.

5.    Don’t Buy More Because you Got a Deal

No one knows how much you spent on a gift, nor do they care. If you got a great deal, save the money you didn’t have to spend. Put it in a savings account so you have more money to spend in the future.

You aren’t obligated to keep the spending equal. Instead, buy what feels right for you, it doesn’t matter if you spent much less on one gift than another; it’s the thought that counts.

Final Thoughts

Christmas isn’t about gifts; it’s about time together. If not giving gifts doesn’t feel right, narrow down your list and limit your budget. Going into credit card debt to have a ‘good holiday’ isn’t the way to do it.

But, if you’re already in debt and want to find a way out. Contact our credit counselors today for a free consultation.