Christmas is a Time to Focus on Family

Christmas quickly became a time of frantic shopping, overspending, and thousands of dollars in credit card debt, but the pandemic changed things for many people.

Without the ability to spend time with loved ones over the holidays over the last few years, we’ve all learned how precious life can be.

This year, why not make Christmas about focusing on your family rather than spending money?

It may not sound as fun, but starting new traditions and enjoying your family time may bring more joyous holidays. Instead of stressing about shopping and managing a budget, you can enjoy your loved ones.

Here are some simple ways to enjoy the holidays without spending money this year.

1.    Create Tree Trimming Traditions

Decorate the Christmas tree when the entire family can be together. It’s okay if you have to do it early or late – just do it together. Schedule a time and date now so everyone in your family can put it on their calendar.

When it’s time to decorate, give everyone jobs, and watch how the magic unfolds. Everyone will feel like an essential piece of the family, and no one has to spend a dime.

2.    Look for Free Holiday Events

Communities also come together during the holidays, and many put on free events. Facebook is an excellent source for the latest events, or ask around in your local community.

Gather the family up and enjoy your time together while doing something fun. It can be a great way to get into the holiday spirit while spending little to no money.

3.    Limit Gift Giving

This year, talk about limiting gift giving amongst your family. If everyone insists on gifts, set a number or dollar limit, keeping it small. Credit card debt shouldn’t be required just to keep up with everyone else.

4.    Create a Family Slideshow or Video

Creating a family slide show or video is a great way to remember the year and your favorite times together. Have everyone contribute the pictures or videos they took throughout the year and have someone put it all together.

Then, as a family, watch the masterpiece and enjoy the time together, laughing and remembering the fun times. Unfortunately, it can be so easy to get caught up in the stress of life that we forget about the fun we had throughout the year.

Final Thoughts

Christmas doesn’t have to mean gifts and getting into debt. Instead, let’s celebrate that we can all be together and enjoy one another’s company. Life is short, and the only way to truly enjoy it is to enjoy the people in your life, not by giving them material things.

Watch how relationships develop, and moods change when there’s no stress about who gets what; instead, everyone focuses on the amazing people in their family. So, this year, make Christmas about family and watch how much less stress you experience in the following months when you don’t have credit card bills in your mailbox.