How to politely say “No Thank You”

Are you finding yourself on the right track of saving money?  Do you find that it is sometimes derailed by the good intentions of family and friends with their invitations for dining out, at home selling parties and fundraising events?

Here is an article that we found online that provides 7 Ways to Politely Say No.
1.      That won’t work for me but I could do this instead.
2.      I’m on a strict budget right now.
3.      Sorry, I can’t make it to that event.
4.      It’s tough finding people to pay for these things, isn’t it?
5.      I already ate but I could come just to hang out with you.
6.      Why do you want me to spend on this item?
7.      I would prefer not to.

Click here to read the article in its entirety7 Ways to Say No by Kathryn Vercillo.

Debt Management Tips

The best debt management tip is to not have debt at all, but to be realistic, that is never the case. Whether it’s your mortgage, credit card bills, and monthly expenses, it is hard to avoid debt. So what is important? Here are a few debt management tips to consider.

1.     See where your money is going and how much is coming in.

2.     Be aware of monthly expenses. Keeping track of credit card purchases, utility bills, your mortgage and so on.

3.     Pay off major credit card debit first like bills with appliances, home improvement renovations, and furniture. Before you sign up for another credit card, it is important to see what your options are before you borrow and read the fine print.

4.     Be sure to have a plan. Plan out how much money will go to each expense and payment.

Debt may be hard to avoid, but it can be easy to manage.