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Let’s Connect with Keith Macpherson

Creditaid’s Brian Denysuik share his financial wellness tips with Keith Macpherson, renowned motivational speaker and author of Making Sense of Mindfulness.

Listen to discover, connect and be inspired by Keith’s positive energy and open mind around finances.

Are You Cutting Back on Spending?

Listen to Brian Denysuik, President of Creditaid, discuss Manulife Bank’s survey that shows Canadians cut back spending on extras as interest rates rise CJOB’s Hal Anderson.


Increasing Mortgage Rates Can Hurt Less from CHVN

The following article written by Libby Giesbrecht originally published on CHVN95.1FM Radio on August 10, 2018. Creditaid’s Brian Denysuik, discusses the tough choices homeowners make later in life due to increasing mortgage rate costs.

To read complete article, click here – CHVN95.1FM 0 Increasing Mortgage Rates Can Hurt Less


Calculating Multiple Streams of Income

The following article originally appeared in the Manitoba Teachers’ Society Balance Wellness Magazine.


In today’s world, there are many of us that have what I will call multiple streams of income.  This can come from different sources, such as two or three part-time jobs versus one full-time job.  It can include a second job throughout the summer months, a side business or a combination of receiving a pension and working part-time.

Provincial Budget versus Household Budget

The Province of Manitoba just released Budget 2018. Listen to 680 CJOB, Winnipeg’s news talk radio, Hal Anderson and Creditaid’s, Brian Denysuik, discuss how the provincial budget can be managed like a family household budget.

Money Secrets in Relationships

Did you know that money can often be the cause of a breakdown in a relationship? A new survey shows 34 percent keep financial secrets from their partners. Creditaid’s Brian Denysuik shares one of the challenges couples have with over spending in Joel Schlesigner’s article in the Winnipeg Free Press, “Love is often blind to money problems.