Supporting St. Amant Party: Camp for 100

St. Amant logo 122x99Creditaid is proud to support various community initiatives and is privileged to have been a long time supporter of St. Amant, a comprehensive resource for Manitobans with developmental disabilities and autism.

Creditaid CEO Brian Denysuik, recently chaired the inaugural St. Amant Party, and was honoured to be among other individuals and organizations who so graciously donated their time and resources for the cause.

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Proud to Support 3rd Annual Winnipeg International Salsa Festival

2016 Winnipeg International Salsa Festival

Creditaid is proud to once again be a sponsor of the Winnipeg International Salsa Festival, being held in Winnipeg’s beautiful Exchange District from September 9-11, 2016.

This is the 3rd annual Salsa Festival in Winnipeg and it’s sure to include something for everyone! Presented by 2015 Bachata Cabaret World Champions Harold Rancano and Regan Hirose, along with the RHR Latin Dance Company, the festival features workshops, performances, competitions, and night life parties with world renowned artists.

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Creditaid Delivers Financial Literacy Advice to Manitoba Educators

Balance Wellness program logoAs part of our ongoing partnership with the Manitoba Teachers’ Society (MTS) to deliver financial literacy advice through their Balance Program, we were very happy to extend our reach to Manitoba educators.

In April, we were happy for the opportunity to speak to members of the Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba (RTAM) as they joined the Society members for a collaborative workshop about Money Matters and Mindfulness.

RTAM logo

The RTAM advocates for the needs of retired teachers to the Manitoba government, the MTS and the general public. The association members have witnessed the benefits of the Balance program, and have begun holding collaborative workshops to tap into the many benefits that the program has to offer.

Even after a lifetime of prudent money management, it is oftentimes in retirement that an individual might need access to advice and resources that they previously did not.

At Creditaid, we feel privileged for the opportunity to discuss financial wellness and financial literacy with our province’s educators and look forward to more opportunities to share in the future.

If you find yourself facing a life transition that requires a change in the way you manage your budgeting and your debt, contact the friendly staff at Creditaid for help.

A Habitat for Humanity Home Gives Families a New Start

Creditaid is proud to support various community initiatives and has been an important supplier to Habitat for Humanity Manitoba in their support of low income working families for many years.

As credit counsellors, we have the skills and experience to aid this wonderful charity by providing budget strategies to new Habitat homeowners to help them prepare for home ownership and budget effectively for a lifetime of financial success.

The financial education they receive helps to instill a sense of accountability and pride in their new home ownership status.

We are happy to be part of the Habitat for Humanity family, and seeing videos like this one makes us even bigger fans!

Talking Financial Wellness at R.D. Parker Collegiate


Wednesday, February 10, 2016, marked another great day of professional development, this time with the staff from R.D. Parker Collegiate in Thompson, Manitoba. Our Balance Wellness Team is having a lot of fun meeting some great teachers across the province.

We were welcomed with open arms by Principal Rod Fisher and his staff. Keith Macpherson, Carla D’Andreamatteo, and Creditaid’s President Brian Denysuik, are really enjoying the opportunity to deliver some great programs. Creditaid’s Financial Wellness piece generated lots of interesting conversation.

Thank you Manitoba Teachers’ Society for having Creditaid as part of the Balance Wellness Program.

Creditaid is Going Back to School!

Balance Wellness program logoCreditaid is delighted to be part of a new wellness program offered to the members of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society. The program, coined Balance, is in its’ first year and Creditaid is very excited to be covering the Financial Literacy piece.

Financial wellbeing impacts one’s overall health, and can affect relationships with family, friends and co-workers. More employers are beginning to realize that being under financial stress can significantly impact the quality of an employee’s daily work. We were happy to be selected by the Manitoba Teachers’ Society as responsible for the Financial Literacy portion of their wellness program.

The Financial Literacy workshops and resources provide information to help individuals deal with financial stress and limit the effects it may have on their life. Topics include but are not limited to:

• Identity Theft
• Dealing with Financial Stress
• Budgeting Made Easy
• Talking Money with Your Kids

We have been helping Manitobans be debt free since 1992 and with programs like these, we can help even more. These valued individuals are teaching our children, and we trust that the more knowledge they have, the more they will pass along.

Creditaid Supports 2015 Winnipeg Salsa Festival


Creditaid is pleased to be a sponsor of this year’s Salsa Fest, being held at various locations in Winnipeg from September 11-13, 2015.

This is the 2nd annual Salsa Festival in Winnipeg and it’s sure to include something for everyone! Hosted by Cubanisimo, a Winnipeg dance company dedicated to the preservation of Cuban heritage and to the promotion of the joy of Latin Dance, Salsa Fest is a great way to learn about a dancing style that has become so popular in recent years.

Led by company directors Harold Rancano and Regan Hirose, Cubanisimo has performed and competed in dance events throughout North America, most notably the 2014 World Latin Dance Cup in Miami, Florida. Harold and Regan are placed 6th in the world in the Bachata Cabaret Division and amongst the top 10 in Salsa.

Salsa Fest gives you the opportunity to learn from the best!

Workshops take place all weekend long and offer something for all ages and abilities.

Creditaid believes that financial wellness and physical wellness go hand-in-hand and encourages everyone to get out there and CHA CHA!

Free The Spirit Festival This Saturday

We are very excited for the Free The Spirit Festival happening this Saturday, September 27th at St. Amant.  This is a great event that celebrates the value of people with developmental disabilities and autism.  We invite all of our friends, staff and the whole community to join us on that day as we participate in the fundraising walk and have fun at the many activities we have planned for the day.  There will be a BBQ, games, music and a petting zoo – activities for the whole family!


Date: Saturday, September 27th, 2014
Time:  10 am – 2pm
Location: St. Amant at 440 River Road

For more information, visit the St. Amant website or give us a call at 204.987.6890.  See you there!


A Special Surprise: Meeting Jennifer Jones

It was a very special day on Thursday, April 24th and one that I did not expect.

I was invited to an economic update lunch by National Bank.  It started as a routine lunch but turned into a very special chance meeting with Jennifer Jones.  I had a chance to congratulate Jennifer Jones on her gold medal.

A big hug and having Jennifer tell the people around us that I provided her with her first part-time job was indeed very special.  I got to know Jennifer’s dad back in my Comcheq days, as Larry sold us our micro-fiche.  I always enjoyed chatting with Larry and one day, he asked if I might have a summer job for his daughter.   Jennifer worked that summer and part-time for several years as she took her law degree, curled and at one point, thought she should start taking some CGA courses.  You might say she was driven and yes she knew how to set goals.

She had incredibly high standards and always took on all the various jobs we would give her and she did them with a smile on her face no matter how big or small the task was.  When I reflect back on all she did including her part-time job coupled with becoming a lawyer and all the curling – it was quite something.  I believe curling became part of the Olympics in 1998 and I think Jennifer had set her goal on gold even before curling was an official Olympic sport.

In life, I have always believed you can achieve whatever you put your mind towards and Jennifer – you are a true example of this just like our clients here at Creditaid.  Our clients have to set some really tough goals with their financial recovery and it can be a tough journey with ups and downs, no different than the curling world. Congratulations, Jennifer! It is very special to see you achieve a goal that you have worked so hard for.


Work with St. Amant Important to Creditaid

When you live in a community as great as Winnipeg, you don’t have to look far for support of community efforts.

Look all around you to see evidence of how companies in our city are helping improve the lives of our fellow Manitobans, especially those who depend on organizations for vital care.

At Creditaid, we take pride in the assistance we provide to Manitobans. This is not only part of our credo as an organization, but extends to our volunteer efforts in the greater Winnipeg community. As such, we have been extremely supportive of St. Amant. A comprehensive resource for Manitobans with developmental disabilities, and autism, We believe strongly in the work St. Amant does, which includes a large residence for complex-care, 50 community sites and homes, the St.Amant Research Centre, the St. Amant School and River Road Child Care.

On Saturday, September 21, Creditaid will be taking part in St. Amant’s Free the Spirit Festival, 10am to 2pm at the John and Bonnie Buhler Reflective Gardens, and our President, Brian Denysuik, will be participating in the Fundraising Walk, benefiting the life-changing studies conducted by the St. Amant Research Centre. In addition to the walk, the day will be highlighted by games, music, snacks and prizes for the entire family.

If you would like to join us – or sponsor Brian – click here for full information.