A Special Surprise: Meeting Jennifer Jones

It was a very special day on Thursday, April 24th and one that I did not expect.

I was invited to an economic update lunch by National Bank.  It started as a routine lunch but turned into a very special chance meeting with Jennifer Jones.  I had a chance to congratulate Jennifer Jones on her gold medal.

A big hug and having Jennifer tell the people around us that I provided her with her first part-time job was indeed very special.  I got to know Jennifer’s dad back in my Comcheq days, as Larry sold us our micro-fiche.  I always enjoyed chatting with Larry and one day, he asked if I might have a summer job for his daughter.   Jennifer worked that summer and part-time for several years as she took her law degree, curled and at one point, thought she should start taking some CGA courses.  You might say she was driven and yes she knew how to set goals.

She had incredibly high standards and always took on all the various jobs we would give her and she did them with a smile on her face no matter how big or small the task was.  When I reflect back on all she did including her part-time job coupled with becoming a lawyer and all the curling – it was quite something.  I believe curling became part of the Olympics in 1998 and I think Jennifer had set her goal on gold even before curling was an official Olympic sport.

In life, I have always believed you can achieve whatever you put your mind towards and Jennifer – you are a true example of this just like our clients here at Creditaid.  Our clients have to set some really tough goals with their financial recovery and it can be a tough journey with ups and downs, no different than the curling world. Congratulations, Jennifer! It is very special to see you achieve a goal that you have worked so hard for.


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